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In the run-up to the recent elections, there was one big question voters had to ask and try to answer when looking at the various
issues that concerned them - "Who do I trust?"

This is a question that comes to us throughout
our lives. Parents, teachers, friends, doctors,
the police, the banks, government - these are
all people who ask us for our trust, but
unfortunately we discover than not everyone
we trust is worthy of it. Friends let us down,
people betray the trust we give them, and this can leave us feeling hurt and alone, asking "Who then can I trust?"

As Christians we know that God is the ultimate faithful one. He has never broken a promise, never betrayed a trust. He will guard and keep His people through the storms and trials of life and bring them safely to Heaven at the end of their life. We know this in our heads, we say we believe it, and yet sometimes our experience of life, how we are treated by other people, makes it difficult to trust God when He asks. We've been hurt by others so many times, will God really keep His promises?

We need to give thanks to God that He deals with us gently when we ask these questions, but then we need to turn back to the Bible, and look back over the events of our own lives, to find the answer. Yes, God has kept and always will keep His promises! The faithfulness of God is the source of both our hope and joy as Christians.
As well as asking "Who do I trust?", we also need to ask "Do people trust me?" As Christians, we are God's ambassadors here on earth, so we need to make every effort to keep our word when we give it. If people know they can trust us, they will be more likely to listen when we talk to them about our ever-faithful God.
May you know God's blessing as you seek to live for Him day by day.

David Landricombe

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June 2014
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