We preach
It is our experience that children and young people appreciate the timeless lessons of the Bible when they are presented in a modern, relevant, interesting and involving way.

We have a Sunday Club for infant and junior school ages (4-11) and a Bible Class for those of secondary school age (11-16). We also meet once a month on a Thursday evening (7-8.30pm) for children from school year 5 and above.

Many Sunday schools across the world use the
Lessons for Life programme and materials we use. Each week our children are given a take home leaflet, so parents know what their children are learning.

Members receive their own Bible after 6 weeks (our youngest infants are given a Bible story book until they are old enough for their Bible). There is a reward scheme for attendance, behaviour and attention.

(Family life is crucial to the continued well-being of our town, so we understand if your child is unable to attend every week because of family commitments.)
Children and Young People
Across the year we provide various Saturday activities for our members - outings, games afternoons, barbeques etc. and occasionally a Holiday Bible Club.

A detailed Child Protection Policy in line with Home Office guidance governs all our activities.

Your child is invited to come for a trial Sunday and you are very welcome to sit in and enjoy what goes on. We collect most of our members from home in the church minibus.

For more information please feel free to ring:
John or Sally Mitchell 01626 866720 or john@dawlishbaptist.org.uk
Our members have been involved with children's and young peoples' meetings in towns and cities across the country for over 30 years. We aim to provide children and young people with traditional Christian foundations for life.