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Do you have a relationship with God?

To know about someone is not the same as to know them.

But why would the Perfect Creator want a relationship with us humans? (After all, we have largely ignored Him all these years and there is a life of selfish, sinful behaviour to be dealt with.) That is the first amazing thing about the Christian good news - God became a real Man to show that He wants that relationship; despite of our sin. He desires a relationship with you!

In the following videos the sin problem (that will take us away from God forever) and Christ's work in dealing with that sin problem, are explained.

Take a look at these short videos.
The next few minutes could change your eternal destiny:

The gospel in one minute
Exactly what is says: The sin problem and God's solution summarised.

Are You Spiritually Unaware?
Our war with God and how it may be ended (Dr Peter Masters) (4 mins)

Conformity or Liberty?
Are your opinions really yours? (Dr Peter Masters) (5 mins)

House of the Soul
You are more than a body - you have an eternal soul (Dr Peter Masters) (5 mins)

The Mystery of Death
The purpose of life and the defeat of death (Dr Peter Masters) (5 mins)

What is Life?
Christianity vs. atheism on the meaning of life (Dr Peter Masters) (3 mins)

Seeking the Lord